June 30th, Asbury Park

Venue: Paramount Theatre

Job: Merch

This morning Tessa decided to not set up march until right before the show so Nohea and I could help load in on the last day. After load in it was picture day. Now picture day consists of everyone and I mean everyone coming to to the stage and taking a group photo. There is about thirty of us so this took a lot longer than a normal picture day sounds. It was fun to have everyone together though even if it was for only forty minutes. 

After the photo Tessa, Lucas, Jules, Cassidy, Nohea, Michelle, and I went to lunch. Talking to Jules was a lot of fun. Since it wasn’t class we were just talking about whatever and he told us all kinds of stories. He talked about The Association and how it was all started. Then he told us about how he accidentally cut his finger off and couldn’t play guitar for a while because it felt weird. After lunch Jules took us back to give us a tour of their bus. Their bus was so different from ours and Susan and Ami both had their bunks decorated and their were lights hung up around their whole bus. Susan and Bob were both on the bus when we went to see it and were showing us a comic about The Cowsills someone made. We talked to Susan for a bit and then it was time for soundcheck. 

I write about all of this today instead of about class or something I learned because this is what it was like being on tour with all these people for 17 days. Everyone is so happy to be there and it’s like one huge family. This day was the day where I finally felt like we were a part of this family. There are so many things I have left out, but will never forget. I couldn’t possibly write about it all. 

Final thoughts: I’m truly going to miss being on tour with all of these humans

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