June 29th, Brooklyn

Venue: Coney Island Boardwalk, Ford Amphitheater 

Job: FOH

There was a stage dog! We got to Coney Island sometime in the morning and when we went to help load in there was a dog on stage. His name was Jack and this quickly became everyone’s favorite venue because of the dog. I hung around the venue most of the day since we only had one more day after this. Nohea, Michelle, and I watched soundcheck and then went to class. 

Class today was with Manny. He officially started piano lessons at fourteen, but was playing long before that. His mom and grandad both played piano. His mom was also smart enough to make him finish school in three years. He went to college after that and continued taking lessons. Since then he started a tribute band and developed a songwriting style based on what his mom taught him. He also met Godfrey and toured with him and the Alan Parsons Project. Overall, talking to each band member was very informative. They are a major part of the show and one of the main reasons this tour can continue year after year. After getting to know the band it was nice to sit at front of house and watch them. It's also fun sitting with JC and just watching him do what he does. I've slowly learned by watching him. He can't really have a system because each venues sound is going to be different, but each song has a certain mix behind it. 

Final thoughts: I’ll never forget that Blackstar Amp.

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