June 28th, Morristown

Venue: Mayo PAC

Job: Monitors

Today was a pretty good day. We all, for the most part, have load in down to a science. You definitely feel more helpful once you only have to ask about five questions instead of forty. Each day I have gotten more and more familiar with how things run and each day I end up liking it a little more than I did the day before. Tour has slowly become the first thing on my list of careers I could actually see myself doing. 

Today we got to hear from Chris and Barry. This was cool because they both had very different stories. Chris started out playing the trombone in high school because the band already had too many people playing drums. He joined his first band his last year of high school and learned to sing. From then on, he continued to play the drums and sing. He’s been doing it ever since. He doesn’t write songs though. He currently plays with a symphony that does a Beatles show. Barry, on the other hand, was never trained. He was also the black sheep of the family. No one else played and he taught himself. Hearing The Beatles gave him a sense of who he was and inspired him to start writing. He currently does local work as a singer and guitarist. Songwriting, however, is his passion. Barry said he loves coming on tour in the summer because he gets to play the bass for a little and then he gets to play the guitar when he’s not on tour. Each night I begin to learn more and more about each person up on that stage. 

Final thoughts: I can't believe we only have two more shows 



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