June 27th, Hyannis

Venue: Melody Tent

Job: Merch

Today has been and interesting one. The venue today is outside and it looks like a circus tent. It’s also another moving stage. Other than that it’s like every other venue they’ve played so far. It was also my day to help Tessa with merch, but this venue would not let us sell. I’ll get back to that later though.

We had class today with Gary Puckett. He started piano lessons at just six. It made sense once he told us he was born in to a midwestern family and both of his parents were well known musicians. However, his love for music didn’t appear until he was up in his grandparents attic one day. He found a guitar with only five strings and just started playing it. Even though he wanted to start a band and become famous, he tried to please his family. He went to college, but after two years he quit and started a band. He was the one that came up with the union soldier outfits and the name Union Gap came from a place he grew up in Washington. Jerry Fuller, artistic producer, realized that Gary was a ballad singer. He was grateful that Jerry saw this. Woman, Woman was released in 1967 and went to number 1 on a radio station. Gary ended with saying, “Once you change the ingredients in the cake, it’s not gonna taste the same.” This is a good way to put it and ultimately the reason that some things just don’t work out. 

Since I couldn't sell merch, I ended up watching the show for a little and then showering. I haven't talked about this much, but any chance you get to shower you take it. After, I went and waited with Tessa while she counted out. The problem with not being able to sell at a venue is that the venue usually uses their own credit card machine. This then makes it hard for them to pay Tessa the correct amount owed to the artists. Usually she has to wait for a check in the mail. Tonight, however, they gave her a check while we were there, but we waited close to an hour. 

Final thoughts: It really sucks that the venue takes a percentage of artists music sales

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