June 24th, Hampton Beach

Venue: Hampton Beach Casino 

Job: Photography

Hampton beach only had a lift. I will not say anymore about that.

My whole perspective changed about Mark Lindsay once he came to talk to us. He started singing at four and knew, even at that age, that this is what he wanted to do. At fifteen he entered a talent show and won even though he think he shouldn’t have. This opened many doors for him. He told us how famous he and the members of the band became. However, when Mark became the lead singer it caused friction. The producer at the time thought he had the best voice. Mark said he could never get used to seeing his face on a magazine cover. Mark Volman claimed that Mark Lindsay was the Harry Styles of the sixties. Lindsay gave some advice towards the end of class. He said you have to understand that doors are gonna slam in your face, but if you can pry one open or find one to stay open long enough you can achieve a lot. He also claims that the harder you work the luckier you get. 

The rest of this day was relaxing. Getting to take photos is probably the best way to watch the show. It gave me time to appreciate the fact that I get to talk and learn about the people that perform on stage every night. Having class with Mark that day and then seeing him perform that night was so cool. There's no other way to say it. 

Final thoughts: In awe and very inspired 

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