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So it’s a few days before I leave for tour and I have so many excited nerves. I’m honestly not really sure what to expect but I know I am so excited to be a part of all the different experiences I will be a part of. I think I am most excited to see how everything works behind the scenes. I’ve been to so many shows, and have always been curious about what it really takes to make it all happen. I could do tons of research but nothing will ever compare to actually being able to work hands on in all of the different categories.

Day 4: Not the prettiest place but the best crowd yet

I'm gonna have to be honest Lynn was not my favorite location. There was nothing really to explore and was not very safe. The whole day beside load in and load out consisted of sitting around and waiting for something to happen. Godfrey the lead guitarist and band leader spoke to us about how he got started in the music buisness. He said his dad was trying to break out in music by being an opera singer so they came to the states from Ireland. He grew up having a desire to play music and his uncle noticed his skill and fasination, so pushed his mother to put hime in piano lessons.

Day 3: It's all about the food

The bus didn't take off until around 9:30 this morning. I'd know cause I woke up to being shaken around by the bus constantly stopping and going. Instead of just sloshing around I decided to get up and grab my first cup of coffee. We are in New Brunswick, New Jersey and I won't say it was the prettiest of towns, but the venue was beautiful! The stage was a great size and the room was historical and totally revamped. Now what made this day really stick out was the catering! Lol this doesn't sound important but everybody, including the band, had something to say about it.

Day 2: When the fun starts

TODAY’S THE DAY! The first real day of the tour! We woke up in Terry Town, which was absolutely adorable! It was so old-timey and all the buildings still had the 18-century charm to them, so it was fun to wander around. I got a great cup of coffee, which is much needed if I ever want to be functioning during the day. We all spread out to go get lunch at separate joints before heading back for load in. We really had nothing to do with load in since they were running late today, and I don’t think they had the time to have us learning the ropes along the way.

Day 1: On the Bus

Can’t say the first day was the most exciting considering we sat on the bus for 8 hours plus. I love how chill everyone has been so far! All the girls have been great and everyone seems to be getting along. We got the rundown of how the bus works, and how we can only put liquids down the toilet (the nicest way to put that). This is interesting because I had no idea that there were only two tanks; one for water, one for sewage.