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June 13 - Road Trip

Day 1: I’m about to get on a tour bus with 6 other girls for two and a half weeks and I could not be more excited! Ok maybe that was an exaggeration because I’ve heard the tour life isn’t as glamourous as people make it out to be, but I’m stoked nonetheless. I’ve done a lot of research about the tour for the past year now, but to be honest I’m not entirely sure what to expect. I know that it’s going to be a lot of hard work and a lot of learning.

Day 8: Feminist

So we are in Glenside, PA, at the Keswick Theatre! This town is absolutely precious! It has a flower shop right on the corner and just has a very old cottage style look to a lot of the buildings. The inside of the theatre though is kind of strange because it isn't set up like our prior ones with having the greenrooms off either in the basement or in some other areas of the theatre. Everything was literally happening in the back of the stage. Catering was just as you walked in and our community table was just to the side of that.

Day 7: Bob and Paul

So we are in Englewood today and the theatre is great! It is well kept up, but the dressing rooms aren't the best. We are shoved upstairs, and catering was very weak I must say, but more food is better than no food I guess. All together it wasn't that productive because I worked with Ron as tour manager and since the venue runners had already put up all the signs saying where each acts dressing room was and time order of the show we were really left with nothing much to do. So I went and helped finish setting up with everybody on stage.

Day 6: A Day In NYC (Kinda.....)

So, today didn’t really get off on the best foot. We were supposed to head out for Lincoln Harbor, NJ, around 8:30ish. Well, let’s say that did happen because our bus broke down in the parking lot, so we had to wait for the repair guys to come and help get our bus started. We didn’t get rolling until 1, which didn’t get us to the hotel until 5. That actually kind of sucked cause we were just a quick ferry ride over to NYC, where we were going to spend all of our day, so that was a bummer. We definitely still went but it didn’t leave us much time to do anything.

Day 5: Sunshine Susan

So we are in North Hampton today and I will say that this is a really eclectic town. We obviously helped with load in like always, and I will say we are getting faster! I’m starting to really understand how to set certain instruments up like the keys and the drums. I typically have been laying out the chords and handling setting up the mics for the drums. It’s all starting to sink in more and more each day with what we’re being taught. After lunch I went with Kayla, and we found a music store where she bought a cheap guitar and kaypo because she’s been about to bust to play.

June 17th, Northampton

Venue: Calvin Theatre

Job: Merch

It’s late and I’m tired. I’ll just cut to the chase. We woke up, loaded in and set up like usual. Today I got to help with merch which was fun because it’s actually comprehendible. 

June 16th, Lynn

Venue: Lynn Auditorium 

Job: Photography 

This morning was pretty good… mostly because we didn’t have to push a ton of heavy boxes into the venue. This venue had a lift. Note to all venues: Lifts are kinda slow and inconvenient. If you plan on building a venue do not only have a lift. 

The rest of the day was slow for the most part. This gave me and some of the other girls a chance to sit and talk with anyone and everyone that walked by. This will be relevant later in this post.

June 15th, New Brunswick

Venue: State Theatre

Job: Stage Manager

I have decided to start this blog a little earlier today. This morning was a lot different than yesterday. We arrived at the venue early and got to help load in. We helped set up some equipment and observed how to put together other equipment. 

June 14th, Tarrytown

Venue: Tarrytown Music Hall

Job: Lights 

The first full day is done and the next one has started. Yes, I am stating the obvious, but this is because I’m so shocked that the first day is already over. Anyways, sleeping in a 12 bunk tour bus is surprisingly comfortable… unless you are claustrophobic. 


Day 4:
Miles Traveled: 157
Job: None

So our day off in NYC turned into us having bus difficulties and not moving at all. It’s 12:22pm and we are still stuck in Northampton, MA. Not sure when we will start moving.
OMG!!! it’s 12:28pm WE ARE MOVING.
Made it to NYC and got some food, then we showed the first timers the city. Then we got poured on and left. Now we ordered Domino’s and are waiting for it. 

feeling excited for tomorrow’s show because I’m bored.