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Happy Together Tour Blog Post #1: Pre-Tour June 10, 2018

Happy Together Tour Blog Post #1: Pre-Tour June 10, 2018


Before leaving for my first time on a tour, there are several things running through my mind. What is it going to be like living on a bus? What will be my favorite location that we go to? What will be my favorite job that I learn? Is this going to turn into something that I want to do for a career?


June 23rd, Lancaster

Venue: American Music Theatre

Job: Stage Manager

This morning we woke up in Westbury. Our bus broke down... again. It was fixed by 12 and we got to the venue around 5. Overall, this day was pretty uneventful. Luckily we had class with Ron Dante. 

Day 10: Westbury

This was a very exciting venue. We are in Westbury, NY, at the Westbury Theatre where the stage is set up in the round, meaning that it is placed in the center with the audience surrounding it. What made this an extra special feature is that the stage itself spins. This was a union house meaning that we weren't able to do a lot with load in cause they had all rights to push things around. We did, however, get to help with the setup so that was nice.

Day 9: Penn's Peak

Penn’s Peak was beautiful!!! We were at a venue on top of a mountain that had a balcony where you could really look out and get the whole experience of the beautiful valley. This venue is lined with hundreds of signed photos from a pervious artist that performed there over the years. It was so cool to walk around and see that some of my favorite artists had been in that same venue over the years. But I’m going to honest I just spent the day chilling because I was photography, and I was awful at it!

June 22nd, Westbury

Venue: Theatre at Westbury
Job: Tour Manager

Today was another union house and Carrie, the production manager, came to speak to us. To be honest, I still will never fully understand union houses. Each one is very different and it seems odd to have them running venues. Anyways that being said the rules yesterday were a little different. We weren’t allowed to help load in or out. Well we weren’t until they were loading in too slow. Everyone got to help set up the stage, but I had another task today. I was shadowing Ron.

June 21, Jim Thorpe

Venue: Penn’s Peak
Job: merch

Yesterday was the first day we weren’t in a town. The venue was located on a mountain in the middle of nowhere. I thought that no one would drive all the way to this place to see a concert, yet it was a full house. Venues like this is one of many reasons touring with the band instead of working at a venue is so unique. You get to see places and venues that you may have never seen otherwise.

June 19th, Englewood

Venue: Bergen Performing Arts Center 

Job: Monitors 

We woke up in a hotel room this morning which was very nice. However, the lovely view of the New York City skyline did not last long. Before I knew it we were on the bus and off to the next show. We arrived at what’s called a union house. This is when a union has “control” over the venue. This means we are not always allowed to help because then we would be taking work away from the union workers. We lucked out this morning and got to help though. 

June 18th, Day off

Venue: NYC

Job: Tour guide

So our day off was interesting. We were supposed to wake up in Lincoln Harbor New Jersey, but instead we woke up in Northampton Massachusetts. We had not even moved an inch and this right here is a great example of what touring is actually like. We finally left around noon and did not make to New Jersey until 5.