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Happy Together Tour Blog Post #18: June 29, 2018

Happy Together Tour Blog Post #18: June 29, 2018


Well, well, well… Coney Island. That was one for the books. This venue was the Ford Amphitheater and was outdoors. It was right by the beach and boardwalk. Today was another great day but I am also feeling so sad that this is coming to an end. I. Don’t. Want. It. To. End. UGH! 


Day 16: Morristown

So today was pretty interesting cause for the first time I was really having to do quite a bit for Ron. He had me putting up signs, as well as putting tickets together for those that were getting them compensated. I got up around 11 though so I felt a little disoriented because I felt like I was running behind when actually I was still early for load in. That, of course, I didn't even get to help with because when working with Ron all the main work takes place when we first get there. Besides helping him I didn't really do much else in the way of the afternoon.

Day 15: Hyannis

Well back to the old grind, we are in Hyannis, MA, at the Melody Tent, which much like its name is an actual tent. It felt like I was at the circus. We left our hotel around 8 AM and everyone pretty much proceeded to go to their bunks and napped till we got to the venue. I napped a little longer though cause I was so tired. I got up around 11 and met with Kayla and Rachel for breakfast, which I must say was pretty yummy! I got eggs, pancakes, and a beautiful berry bowl!

Day 14: PLAY BALL!!!!

Got a bit of a late start today, but that was because I was fighting Kayla for sleep. She didn't like the fact that I wasn't willing to get up for our workout, so she retaliated by turning on all the lights, opening all the blinds, and hitting me with pillows. I won though because she went to workout and left me to sleep. I didn't go back to sleep, however, so I got up to get ready to go eat once she got back. We went to breakfast at a great local spot where I got great eggs and potatoes and we split banana, walnut pancakes.

Day 13: BOSTON!!!

We made it to Boston! This was hands down what I was most excited for! It was kind of annoying because we had to wait so long to check in because the hotel was really taking forever to get everyone's rooms ready. So while we waited to check in Racheal, Kayla, and I went to go get brunch at 12 in the afternoon (lol). We ate at a diner that was greek themed and owned but served all American style breakfast, which was interesting. It also only took cash, so we found that bizarre for a restaurant in 2018 but it had been there for 50 years so who am I to question!

Day 12: Hampton Beach

Hampton Beach, NH, is our next stop and we're performing at Hampton Beach Casino. This was an interesting load in cause we had to use an elevator to load all the trunks up to the stage, which just made it an extra long and tedious load in. Non the less we got everything set up, and I will say this was a different venue with having a more bar feel to it, but they did have posters of some really amazing acts that had been there through the years.