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Day 3: 6/16/18 New Brunswick, NJ

Today I was road manager and without the knowledge that most of his work is during the day, missed most of my learning for that position. Ron is the head Tour Manager and his job really starts about a year before the actual tour does; he has to book venues, book acts, book buses, coordinate contracts, make sure all desired food and water is on the bus, and so on and so forth. Once they have the venues, they book the hotels (usually 8 months in advance), and usually the buses and equipment at this time too.

Day 2: 6/15/18 Tarrytown, NY

Today was our first day joining in on the tour. We met Mark Vollman, and all of the people we would be shadowing throughout our time on the tour. The other buses showed up at 1 o’clock so we were not a part of the load in today; we toured around the venue (which was built in 1885 (same year featured in the third back to the future) and hosted presidents like Roosevelt and even had a major capturing of a crook during water gate…? I think?) Savannah and I worked in Merch tonight with Tessa who is super nice!

Night before: 6/13/1

As I normally do, I procrastinated packing… and doing some online homework, so naturally I was a bit stressed. However, I was also concerned about being able to go to the house and say goodbye to those who weren’t going to be in town when I got back. Luckily I made time for all of it, though I went to bed at 2 am only half packed. This mean I wouldn’t sleep well and I would be slightly stressed all morning until we were at the pick up location and ready to go. I was most eager to just see the inside of the bus and what the set up would be like.

Day 1: 6/14/18 On The Road

We got on the bus, picked our bunks… I now know how difficult it is to maneuver oneself into the bunks. The first rule of the bus was NO POOPING ON THE BUS… what? Yeah so apparently the tanks don’t really handle that well/ cleaning is gross/ it makes it smell really, really bad. TO be fair, having to keep the windows closed at all times definitely makes smells more prominent and lingering… we didn’t eat until we were most way through Virginia, we stopped at some Mexican place that was really only okay.

Day 18: All good things must come to an end

Bittersweet title I know, but it's true. It's our last day and honestly, I'm really torn up about it. I'm definitely ready to go home to see friends and get back on a normal routine, but I've been so fortunate with getting to be a part of this experience. I couldn't be more grateful to everyone on this tour! Mark has been a phenomenal professor and mentor for all of us, and every member of the crew, Jason, Josh, and JC, couldn't have been better guides throughout this whole process.

Day 17: Brooklyn

This was an interesting venue because we were actually in an amphitheater, so the whole show was taking place outside. Well, I say that. I wasn't. I was working with Jason meaning I was to be running the video, but this venue had an actual audio room, so I was tucked away in a closet more or less for the whole show. I had a good time doing the video but I was kinda bummed that I didn't get to sit side stage because I couldn't go out and grab Marks drumstick, and just do any job I would have had at a typical venue for us.

June 30th, Asbury Park

Venue: Paramount Theatre

Job: Merch

This morning Tessa decided to not set up march until right before the show so Nohea and I could help load in on the last day. After load in it was picture day. Now picture day consists of everyone and I mean everyone coming to to the stage and taking a group photo. There is about thirty of us so this took a lot longer than a normal picture day sounds. It was fun to have everyone together though even if it was for only forty minutes. 

June 29th, Brooklyn

Venue: Coney Island Boardwalk, Ford Amphitheater 

Job: FOH

There was a stage dog! We got to Coney Island sometime in the morning and when we went to help load in there was a dog on stage. His name was Jack and this quickly became everyone’s favorite venue because of the dog. I hung around the venue most of the day since we only had one more day after this. Nohea, Michelle, and I watched soundcheck and then went to class. 

June 28th, Morristown

Venue: Mayo PAC

Job: Monitors

Today was a pretty good day. We all, for the most part, have load in down to a science. You definitely feel more helpful once you only have to ask about five questions instead of forty. Each day I have gotten more and more familiar with how things run and each day I end up liking it a little more than I did the day before. Tour has slowly become the first thing on my list of careers I could actually see myself doing. 

June 27th, Hyannis

Venue: Melody Tent

Job: Merch

Today has been and interesting one. The venue today is outside and it looks like a circus tent. It’s also another moving stage. Other than that it’s like every other venue they’ve played so far. It was also my day to help Tessa with merch, but this venue would not let us sell. I’ll get back to that later though.

June 26th, Day off

Another day off. It’s honestly very weird to have two days off in a row. It kinda throws you off. You’re used to working everyday all day and maybe having one day off but two is a lot. I’m not complaining but you are definitely more tired when you start up again.

June 25th, Day off

Well it was Cassidy’s birthday today. We ate lunch and Los Amigos and it was delicious. Cassidy decided that she wanted frozen yogurt. We stopped at Target to get nail polish and a speaker. Good thing we got a speaker because our walk was the longest walk of my life. AND THEN THE PINKBERRY WAS CLOSED. It’s fine we finally made it to another froyo place but it was like 2 miles away and this is where the speaker came in handy.