Day 9: 6/22/18 Jim Thorpe, PA

Today we were at Penn’s Peak, which so far has been the prettiest venue by far with the best view! The cedar looking interior reminded of distilleries and mountain town restaurants and event spaces in Colorado and was somewhat home-y to me. They set up chairs that covered the floor and sides, which was different from all of the other auditorium style seating in other venues. I was on FOH today, and J.C. was easy enough to talk to and walk me through what he was listening for and how it all worked, but as it is a delicate machine, he did most of the work. During class we had the crew talking to us, and as always they were jokesters, but they all had valuable experiences that they were able to share with us and shed some light on what life is like on their side of the industry. Overall it was a good day, I wish they wouldn’t serve so many cookies and brownies at catering, but all in all it was a good show and cool venue, and tomorrow we are off to the next one.

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