Day 8: 6/21/18 Glenside, PA

I think the venue today was my least favorite so far. It was poorly remodeled and there was obviously no one who cared enough to keep up with it. The food however, was awesome! The way they had the backstage set up was very family style and welcoming which made it very fun around the meals because we got to sit with everyone. I was on Monitors tonight, which to be honest was quite boring. It was a lot of watching and moving mics between sets, the rest was just up keeping the preset sounds. However, it was a great show, as always and a fun night in the end. During class we talked to Tessa who spoke to us about her journey with merch and how she got started on the tour as a student a few years ago. She had lots of good insight in to how to get into the industry in todays world and how to use the stepping-stones to progress ones self.

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