Day 7: 6/20/18 Englewood, NJ

Today started off with an early walk to Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken where I got an apple tart that would’ve been killer good if it was warm but was enjoyable either way! We went back and I did homework until we got on the bus to head to Englewood. We helped with load in until we got called for merch set up. During class we heard from Bob and Paul Cowsill who had amazing things to say from what they’ve learned from their life experiences, which were really very unique. Though interesting, I found our views on some things are very different and I felt a little bummed after the talk. We also found that the crew in this town was rather sexist and thought it was comical that 7 girls were working on crew.  I’ve found merch to be my least favorite of the stations I have worked, but it is nice to interact with some of the audience. We walked around town and found a cute coffee shop and sushi restaurant that were both fantastic!

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