Day 5: 6/18/18 (Father’s Day) North Hampton, MA

Today was full of laughs and curious experiences. I started off by calling my Dad and saying happy fathers day, of course! Next, we had load in and such as always but then Savannah and I decided to explore the absolutely adorable town that is North Hampton (Waaaaay cooler than Lynn) to which we found a cvs, a music store where I found a cheap little guitar that we have so far greatly enjoyed on the bus, and a brunch place called Jake’s that had phenomenal pancakes! During class today we talked with Susan Cowsill who has more stories than Dr. Suess… She filled us in on her life and the career of the Cowsills and how she got to where she is today. She had been through the ringer and back again and at a very young age, but she took the rain and saw a rainbow and strives to do what she can to get all around her to see it too. She is an inspiring woman for so many reasons, including being fierce and fearless while having open arms and a huge heart; I couldn’t say enough about her! I worked photography tonight, and though my eye for photography may not be as keen as others, I decided to let them take the hard shots and I would take pictures of the part of the show that the audience never sees. As we got the show ready to start, every person I passed I told to “strike a pose!” and ended up with quite the variety of photos- could be good for a slide show or something family style! Other than that being the photographer was really more frustrating… the camera died halfway through the show and the picture leading up to its final moments were not ones to show off the cameras abilities… but all in all it was good!

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