Day 4: 6/17/18 Lynn, MA

All buses actually arrived on time today which was good because the door to back stage was about 25 ft up in the air and used a giant lifting platform to get the cases from the ground up. We had a lot of down time today and I’m pretty sure we were next to the only white people in town… I worked with Jason the stage manager today (who is super sassy), he showed me how to set up the drums and amps for the bass and during the show I worked the background screens and did quick between set switches, carried off Mark L’s jacket, picked up Mark V’s drums sticks and tambourine and he grabbed my hand and had me dance with him a littleJ so fun! We talked to Godfrey today during class and he told us his whole story about how he got into music and his life since he has. He is well rounded and is basically the head of the band and gave lots of good advice for our future careers and us! Jason made me unload the bus today because I failed to break a sweat yesterday- I got a few cuts on my hands but for the most part I was able to do everything and be helpful… it’s hard not to break a sweat as the heat builds in the little trailer. Overall another great show, with great people, I feel so blessed! I do realize that though this is an amazing and professional tour to have our first experiences be, we are definitely a little spoiled with how kind and genuine most everyone is and how we have been treated so far on this tour!

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