Day 3: 6/16/18 New Brunswick, NJ

Today I was road manager and without the knowledge that most of his work is during the day, missed most of my learning for that position. Ron is the head Tour Manager and his job really starts about a year before the actual tour does; he has to book venues, book acts, book buses, coordinate contracts, make sure all desired food and water is on the bus, and so on and so forth. Once they have the venues, they book the hotels (usually 8 months in advance), and usually the buses and equipment at this time too. We also got to hear from Mary Russell who is a runner; her position is to be able to go and get all the food, snacks, and crafts needs that the artists put on the rider. She specifically takes hospitality as a role for herself and buys real food for everyone (today we had salmon which was delish!) as well as setting up dressing rooms, picking up bus drivers or anything outside the venue. She works free lance in her position and is hired on by the artists or the venue, goes either way; her hours can be very long and tedious, but her schedule is very feast or famine. In her position it is crucial to remember not to be a fan girl and just to be another person that they meet along the way, be friendly but not freaky! Her position is specific to them, and runners will vary from venue to venue. Today I oversaw stage management during the first half of the show as well as getting to know some of the artists; during the second half, I ran extra water and food to the different buses (the trailer bus was super stinky, and the artist bus was super cool… also black carpets are secret for big stains bus companies are trying to hide). Finally we are starting to get the hang of load in and out, Jason made fun of me for not breaking a sweat but all went well and I’m pumped for tomorrow!!

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