Day 2: 6/15/18 Tarrytown, NY

Today was our first day joining in on the tour. We met Mark Vollman, and all of the people we would be shadowing throughout our time on the tour. The other buses showed up at 1 o’clock so we were not a part of the load in today; we toured around the venue (which was built in 1885 (same year featured in the third back to the future) and hosted presidents like Roosevelt and even had a major capturing of a crook during water gate…? I think?) Savannah and I worked in Merch tonight with Tessa who is super nice! It was a very slow night so we got to do some homework (mostly unsuccessfully) and learn a bit about the lights from the tech director. What little bit of the show I saw was pretty fun and exciting, everyone was in good spirits! I think the funniest part about it was the “fragrance” that escaped the doors at intermission…old people channeling their inner seventies rock star sides.

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