Day 18: All good things must come to an end

Bittersweet title I know, but it's true. It's our last day and honestly, I'm really torn up about it. I'm definitely ready to go home to see friends and get back on a normal routine, but I've been so fortunate with getting to be a part of this experience. I couldn't be more grateful to everyone on this tour! Mark has been a phenomenal professor and mentor for all of us, and every member of the crew, Jason, Josh, and JC, couldn't have been better guides throughout this whole process. They are truly stand up guys, who were so patient with us in every aspect and I put it that way because lord knows they had to get tired of some peoples jokes (Kayla). Lol jk! That's all in fun. But it is going to be hard to go back after getting the opportunity to be so hands on and involved with a large production tour. As for the day, it was a nice way to end. We helped with load in and after that me, Racheal and Kayla went out and chilled on the beach. It was hot out, but that made the cold water better. I didn't think I'd actually swim but it felt so nice and it was a good time getting to clown around in the waves. We came back for class which was on our bus with Mark, who was just explaining what we'd have to do for our paper. The Racheal, Kayla, and I went and grabbed dinner when while we were eating we saw Ron Dante coming through the restaurant, so we invited him to sit with us. He's so kind and just fired away at any questions we had, which I thought was amazing. We went to show where I worked with Josh for the last time. The show went smoothly with Mark having us also come on stage to tell the audience about us, and give us a chance to celebrate with the artists while giving our farewells. Then we packed up. We said our goodbyes to all the crew, hugging it out. We got on the bus one more time with our next destination being home.    

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