Day 18: 6/30/18 Asbury Park, NJ

Today was our final day… I realized this when I woke up this morning and was immediately saddened; it turned out to be a great one though! We grabbed some coffee, loaded in and set up for the last time, and then a few of us grabbed a snack before we took the group picture. I had a drum head from when we replaced Chris’s drums and Mark was nice enough to help me get everyone to sign it! We spent the off time of the afternoon at the beach and enjoyed the warmth and the water- I came back with a lot of freckles. We had our final class with Mark and tried not to revel in the end of adventure and then got dinner. We ran into Ron Dante at the restaurant and all had a lovely dinner! After that we put on our final show and JC let me sit at the Front of House board and give it a shot! I was terrified at first but all went well! Everyone joined Mark and the Happy Together crew on stage for the big finale and really brought the kick line to life during Mark Lindsay’s shout out! It was tearful as we all hugged it out and wished everyone safe travels but I think we all walked away knowing it was a great time for all of us and a magical experience to be a part of! I felt truly blessed to have been a part of this tour with all of the amazing people who put it on; it wouldn’t have been the same if any of them hadn’t been there! I was especially sad to leave the crew as they were who we spent most of our working time with and felt we all connected pretty well so it was a bummer to leave them but overall it was an amazing experience! And now for along ride home… It’s kind of crazy to think that it is all over, speaking that it feels like it was just yesterday when we all met at Belmont and got n the bus for the first time, in complete awe! I hate to say goodbye and know I will miss it dearly (though I am very excited to see my dog!!) but I will always remember it fondly!

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