Day 17: Brooklyn

This was an interesting venue because we were actually in an amphitheater, so the whole show was taking place outside. Well, I say that. I wasn't. I was working with Jason meaning I was to be running the video, but this venue had an actual audio room, so I was tucked away in a closet more or less for the whole show. I had a good time doing the video but I was kinda bummed that I didn't get to sit side stage because I couldn't go out and grab Marks drumstick, and just do any job I would have had at a typical venue for us. Also, it would have been nice to see what my videos actually looked like on the bigs screens. As for the area, I didn't explore much because for me Coney Island just wasn't that appealing and it was so hot that it wasn't worth walking around in all black for. I did, however, go with Kayla and walk along the beach which was nice because that's my favorite thing to do at the beach anyway. We spoke to Manny in class, and he explained how he got started in music by coming from a musical family and how his mother really helped develop his skill. She had him graduated from highschool before he was even old enough to drive just so he could work with a particular piano instructor at his college. He has truly been a very sweet guy and seems genuinely care about what we are wanting to do in the industry. The show went well and everyone seemed to have a good time so all in all the day was a pretty nice one.   

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