Day 17: 6/29/18 Coney Island, NY

Coney Island was hot, weird, and slightly frightening. The venue was really cool being half outdoors; it was right on the board walk and one of the crew members brought his dog (his name was jack and he had his own “all access” pass; he really liked to lay by the drum riser! Today was tough being the second to last as tensions rise while people are getting antsy to go home and there’s not as much to learn as we have done each of these jobs before and are starting to get the hang of it! The venue was some what of a bummer for the show as it wasn’t sold out and the seat were very spread out; especially for the Cowsills I could see how it would be somewhat disheartening to walk out with a crowd like that, but I guess that’s just part of the game sometimes!

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