DAY 16

Day 16:
June 30- (Paramount Theater, Asbury Park, NJ)
Miles Traveled: 58
Job: Photographer

The last day has finally arrived, and I do not think I’m ready for it. I really do not want this end. The best coffee place I have ever experienced was right next to the venue, so I will be going there at least two times today. We are getting tacos for lunch and I am very excited. We have the option to go to the beach, but I’m not really feeling getting sweaty, and we can’t even swim because of our tattoos. We spent our day in the venue just soaking in the last few hours of being on tour. Mark talked to us today for our last class, and he didn't get too emotional which was relieving for me. During the show Rachel, Cassidy and I switched on and off taking pictures, and controlling the screen. The rest of the time I spent on the side of the stage enjoying being in the presence of everyone for the last night. I also luckily got to catch Mark's drum stick and tambourine one last time. A crew member at the venue said to me "being on tour just means you have family everywhere." That spoke volumes to me since leaving has really taken a toll on me because I don't want to say goodbye to these people forever. Knowing that someone who did it before considers the people he has met on numerous tours his family, made me feel a lot better, that's what I plan to do with these people I have met.  At the end of the show, we all got to go on stage for the finale and sing the last songs with everyone, then after that we immediately were right back into our routine of loading the trailer for one last time. When I started to get emotional, JC came up to me and said: "you're not allowed to be sad, you're a road dog now, you've done it." 

With that being said: this entire experience brought me new friends with the same interests as me, unforgettable experiences, amazing role models, and so many people to look up to. I am so grateful to have met and worked with all of these amazing people, and to have been a part of this experience that is centralized around music, making me realize just how much it posivitely affects so many peoples lives. Music is so powerful and I am so grateful for it. 


Thank you for following along on my journey.

feeling like a road dog. 

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