Day 15: 6/27/18 Hyannis, MA

We have discovered that it is very hard to get back into the swing of the tour when having a day or two off… It was a slow start to the day and seemed to just be rather uneventful and somewhat frustrating as we dealt with another spinning stage that was actually smaller than the first. The venue was basically made out of a giant tent that kept heat very well, but it was a new environment and was unique which was fun! During class we heard from Gary Puckett; his story was a little different from everyone else’s, also because he started it from the age of 5 (lol), but he was very systematic about a lot of his moves through the industry. He luckily had a clear head and an understanding of business, which helped him navigate and build what came to be Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. Load out was somewhat uneventful tonight as they were concerned about a storm coming in and asked to let the workers deal with all the heavy boxes. We almost had more trouble with our bus but got it to work last minute. It is getting very bittersweet coming into the final days as we are all bummed to meet the end of it but are looking forward to getting home.

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