DAY 15

Day 15: 
June 29- (Ford Amphitheater, Coney Island, NY)
Miles Traveled: 34
Job: Merch

I have always had a very different outlook on what Coney Island was like, and it looks totally different than it does in my mind. I can honestly say I will never come back here. However, this venue is actually really cool. It’s an outside venue, so other than it being really hot outside, it should he a really fun show. We don’t even get to sell merch today, since the venue is doing it for us, so we pretty much have a free day after load out. Mia, Nohea and I are just going to hang out in the venue for the day, to watch everything go down for one of the last times. 

So tonight was extremely emotional. I may or may not have cried for at least 30 minutes during the show and after while loading the trailer back up. The thought of everything ending made me very sad. We have one more day though so I’m just trying to look on the bright side. I also did successfully close the trailer again, so that is a bonus.


feeling sad.

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