Day 12: 6/25/18 Hampton Beach, NH

Today we were at the old Casino Ballroom where so many legends have played! We had a little extra time before class and got to walk on the beach and see the winners of the annual sandcastle contest (which were unreal). The show was awesome as always, and we are definitely starting to get the hang of it all! There were some monitor issues during the second half that are still unsure of the cause but it was quickly solved and the show went on! We talked to Mark Lindsay during class today and he had some amazing advice. He was quite the run away rebel and showed everyone what he was capable of by becoming the rock star with the most appearances on TV. He ran away from home when he was young and his father got in the way of his potential stardom but he formed his own band and poured every penny he made from the band back into it and is was the backbone and the heart of the band. He told us to always chase our dreams, because even if it doesn’t work out perfectly at least you’ll be happy.

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