Day 11: 6/24/18 Lancaster, PA

Our bus faced a multitude of problems that were “jimmy rigged”, as we were told… and finally got on the road around noon and to the venue around 5; just in time for dinner! We helped out with the show as normal and as always it was great! For the most part it was pretty uneventful other than Savannah and I playing a few songs on the curb during our down time and getting video taped by a few early fans. We had class with Ron Dante today and he had a pretty crazy story! He was very kind and just wanted to make sure he was giving us information that would help us be successful in our own lives! I also spoke with Chuck’s girlfriend about how she runs his social media and fans and what not and learned some valuable information and some good ways to gain more information about all the formulas and algorithms of social media!

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