Day 10: 6/23/18 Westbury, NY

Today’s venue was awesome; it was a spinning stage with seating all around it, making it very intimate and cool! The famous Johnny Cash picture was taken in the hallway where we were back stage, which was pretty cool too! It was another Merch day, and we are pretty much getting the hang of it by now! We learned a lot about improvising and rolling with the punches through having to deal with the spinning stage and not have certain set ups the same way. We are having more bus trouble and the worry is that it won’t get fixed… fingers crossed THIS mechanic can figure it out. The union workers today were a pain to deal with but valuable experience none the less; we talked with the production manager during class and she mostly talked about being a woman with power in the industry, how she got to have that power and how all of us should always stand our ground and that we can achieve whatever we want as long as we are willing to work for it!

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