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Hampton Beach, NH - The Rain, The [Beach], and Other Things

There's no way it's the last day.

No. Way.

This was the thought I woke up with. Luckily, the beach was a sort of distraction for the day. Courtenay, Isabelle, and I got up and walked around for a bit, enjoying the fresh air. Then, we had a look inside the venue and realized it was pretty different from any other's we had been at, but was still a pretty solid venue. We waited around for load in for a while (time was dragging, but I wasn't complaining). Setting up the stage was a little crowded, but we managed. 

Day 13 ~ Williamsport, PA

Today we woke up in Williamsport and began our hunt for coffee... whats new? Alex, Kayla, Allie and I ventured to the coffee shop down the street. I was on merchandise today and insisted that Tessa would allow us to set up all by our selves :) I must say we did a pretty killer job! After load in we began exploring the city, we went to a small book store down the street then found an antique store. Kayla found a Cowsills vinyl which I must say I was pretty jealous about. Great job Kayla!

Lancaster, PA - Wheelchairs, Care Bears, and Destiny

We woke up to alpacas outside our window. Yep, Alpacas. 

After getting a closer look, we realized that catering was ready and it was fabulous. It wasn't too long before we were finished and ready for load in, though. It goes pretty fast at this point, and I like helping out with a little bit of everything whether it's setting up keys, drums, guitars or monitors.

"I Don't Want to Let This End"

As I climbed the ladder, up to the lighting booth, I felt like a spy on a top secret mission. To this day I still don't know if that mission was to finish off the show with a bang or to find authentic tacos on North Hampton, but the success of the first is what counts. Although it was the final countdown of the first leg, good vibes were all around as we made the last few hours as a tot family count.

Show 14: Lancaster, Pennsylvania (American Music Theatre)

WE ARE IN AMISH TOWN!! When I woke up and looked outside there were two Alpacas which was pretty cool. Today was a very interesting day but was one of my favorites load in went very well. We got a 92 on setting up the drums. I feel like we will get up to a 95 tomorrow. I can’t believe there is only one more show left. Today we had a lot of down time so I asked Jason to teach me guitar It was very hard to get my hand in the right place because it is awkward positioning but I did learn a scale. I also got to play the drums for a little bit. The drums were much more natural for me.

Show 13: Williamsport, Pennsylvania (Community Arts Center)

Today I was Front of House with Jacee. There were a few technical difficulties. At one point one of the bass amps went out which effected what you hear so Jacee and Jason knew exactly what was wrong and Jacee knew to mute the bass players volume as Jason switched the amps. It only took 30 seconds. The amazing thing about live sound is that since it is live if one things goes wrong it goes right over peoples head sometimes and once it is fixed things will go smoothly.

Show 12: Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania (Penn’s Peak)

We were at the most beautiful venue I have ever seen. It was on top of the mountain and it was very green, Coming from California I on’t get to see green mountains that much. The inside of the venue looked like a cabin. At the beginning of the day I was talking to a guy that works at the venue and asked him how the ticket sales were because it is a good size venue with nothing near by. They had sold around 1300 tickets and I believe it holds around 1400-1500. 

Show 11: Glenside, Pennsylvania (Keswick Theatre)

Today I was on lighting. Although I thought it was very interesting the guy who I was shadowing was very dull and did the same thing with the lights for every song. I really enjoy the lighting aspect of the show but this guy wasn’t all that creative. He didn’t really speak to me during the show and when I would ask him a question it was a one word answer.

Show 10: Englewood, New Jersey (Bergen PAC)

Today I shadowed Jason. I MADE PROGRESS AND TUNED THREE GUITARS COMPLETELY. I find his job the most enjoyable out of everyones. We finished all of set up in around 45 minutes today. We had a lot of downtime today so I got to pick his brain more and find out more about him and how he got involved in the industry. One thing that I have realized is that everyone on the tour has never said no because they weren’t going to get paid enough. They take every opportunity they can because they know it is a way to get their name out there and a good way to build relationships.

Show 9: Tarrytown, New York (Music Hall)

Today I shadowed Ron. He has a very interesting job. Most of the work he does is before the tour even starts. He is in charge of making sure all the artists are happy the day of the show. He is also in charge of booking all the shows and the route they take. He has to communicate with the venues and make sure they are on the same page. 

On the day of the show he advances upcoming shows that are six weeks out. He also makes the the list for comp tickets. He hangs up the schedule for showtime, what time doors open and who goes on when.